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Individual Training of the Best Possible Quality

With the help of cardiowise, we have created an innovative offer that is specifically aimed at the areas of ergometry, cardiological rehabilitation, sports medicine, sports science and prevention. cardiowise training equipment is based on ERGO-FIT products, but has additional features that make training with heart patients much easier. At the same time, the equipment can be connected with a pioneering system for individual and effective control of cardiovascular and strength training in modern cardiological rehabilitation.

The results: individualized training of the best possible quality for your patients, as well as less work and optimal quality assurance for you! Additional advantage for you: you will receive a complete offer from a single source from us – and should you require servicing, you will be able to get in touch with a permanent contact person who will assist you immediately.


Cardiowise exercise machines

The well-known ERGO-FIT quality - plus additional special features that will make coaching heart patients easier.


XRCISE CARE by cardiowise

The system for individualized and effective management of cardiological rehabilitation training.