The best conditions for targeted rehabilitation

A young brand with forty years of experience

Since 2014, the cardiowise brand has stood for exercise machines that have been specifically designed for cardiological rehabilitation and that meet the highest standards of quality and operability. Our foundation is the decades-long experience of the ERGO-FIT company that has been setting new standards in the field of medical training since 1973 - at the same time as the first medical gyroscope.

Cardiowise exercise machines are based on ERGO-FIT products and are manufactured according to the same high quality standard. In addition, they have numerous features that make training heart patients easier: For example, they measure oxygen saturation and blood pressure, and can be conveniently and safely monitored using XRCISE CARE ECG.

Xrcise Line Med

Product line for daily use in training heart patients

Xrcise Stress Echo

Multifunctional bed for examination and ergometry