Xrcise Stress Echo Med - Multifunctional bed

The XRCISE STRESS ECHO MED allows you to perform non-invasive cardiological diagnostics, as well as all conventional ultrasound examinations. When designing this multifunctional bed, we have incorporated the latest findings in sports medicine and placed special emphasis on functionality and the best possible quality.


  • space-saving design of the examination bed with an optional retractable ergometer for mechanical stress echocardiography
  • two levels, can be infinitely tiltable and swivelable by electronically controlled motors via a remote control
  • fully electronic eddy-current brake with program control
  • can be connected to peripheral ECG devices for reliable recording of the progress
  • 5-key-cockpit with clearly arranged display
  • Quick Start and Quick Stop button to begin or end the workout session with the maximum of two buttons
  • can be self-monitored by the patient on the speed display at eye level
  • left-sided padding for optimum transducer positioning

With the XRCISE STRESS ECHO MED, you can capture patient values quickly, comfortably and unambiguously.

Blood pressure:

  • auscultatory measurement with just one push of a button
  • displaying of the systolic and diastolic values, as well as the pulse value

oxygen saturation:

  • non-invasive determination of arterial oxygen saturation using a finger clip (pulse oximetry)
  • additional pulse frequency control
  • additional pulse frequency control

We designed the XRCISE STRESS ECHO according to the guidelines for professional use and the the medical devices directive 93/42/EEC.

Technical Specifications

Display parameters WATT, 1/MIN, TIME, PULSE, BP SYS, BP DIA, SPO2
Workout programs MANUAL, PROFILE, WHO-Profi l
Interfaces RS232
Table top (L/W/H in cm) 190 / 78 / 78
Activation rpm-independent
Standards and Directives Please contact us to get more details about all relevant standards and directives
Length (in cm) ergometer lowered: 205 cm; ergometer lowered and shoulder pad at maximum height: 214 cm, ergometer raised: 190 cm
Width (in cm) Cockpit lowered (without hip support): 90 cm, Cockpit raised: 110 cm
Height (in cm) with speed indicator 132 cm; above transvere axis (45°): 170 cm
Weight approx. 210 kg
RPM 20 – 120 U / min
Performance Range 15 – 600 W
Increments 5 W
Accuracy ±5 % DIN VDE 750-238
Power connection 230 V
Max. user weight 200 kg
Specific equipment Blood pressure meassurement, SPO2-meassurement
Adjustments possible Seat hight/Seat, shoulder support, hip support, folding side pad, pedals
Adjusting range Hip support: horizontal lenghtwise 25 cm, horizontal transverse 17 cm Shoulder support: 31,5 cm; Seat: 25 cm horizontal; Pedal spacing: 36 to 42 cm; Inseam lenght: 69 to 94 cm
Tiltable bed Tilting range 45° over the longitudinal or the transverse axis combined inclination of the longitudinal and transverse axis: max. 30° about the transverse axis and 45° about the longitudinal axis


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