Cleverly networked for simultaneous, individualized care

Clever networks for parallel, individualized care

Provide individual care to up to 36 patients at the same time - without having to be in the workout area next to them. This is now possible thanks to our intelligent new training system, which combines the features of XRCISE CARE and VITALITY SYSTEM, and which uses a central PC to control and monitor your patients when they are using cardio and weight machines, as well as when they work out by themselves. You can see all the values at all times and can intervene when it is really necessary.

Now at cardiowise
Even more effective training control and monitoring of your patients thanks to the new software and its additional options:

  • Two options with TwinTrac:
    • 1-3 Channel ECG
    • 6 Channel ECG
  • Monitoring up of to 36 patients at the same time
  • Integration of cardio and strength equipment
  • All-in-one solution for hardware and software

Automated features make any routine tasks obsolete

With XRCISE CARE, you can be more effective at your work: The system not only allows you to take care of several patients at the same time, but also ensures that the entire treatment process is documented. It also supports you in automated adaptation of intensity levels for workouts or creation of exercise plans.

You have already invested in modern exercise equipment and you do not want to switch? No worries: With XRCISE CARE, we are pursuing an open, modular approach. Many available machines are compatible with the system and can be easily integrated.

Easy, intuitive operation

When designing the XRCISE CARE, we focused on the needs of therapists and doctors who work with patients on a daily basis: This includes simple classification of sensors and machines, as well as fast selection of stored workout profiles.

XRCISE CARE ensures continuous ECG monitoring even during the phases between the workout blocks. The entire ECG is saved, and you can then mark and analyze any events.

On the screen of your computer, you will have all relevant information at a glance: heart rate, ECG, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, as well as intensity level or speed. Thanks to the split-screen view, you will not lose sight of important data even when you create new patients, define workout sessions, or analyze the progress - all at the same time.

Modern and structured

The use of the XRCISE CARE has been specifically tailored to the needs of therapists and doctors working with patients on a daily basis. This includes a simple and fast assignment of sensors and devices as well as a fast selection of stored training profiles.

Continuous ECG monitoring is also performed in the phases between the different training blocks. The complete ECG is saved and eventual events can be marked and clearly analyzed.

Customized workouts based on comprehensive tests

With the XRCISE CARE's multilevel workouts, you are opening up new perspectives in terms of workout control, which extend beyond the usual pulse- and load-controlled exercises, as well as interval training: Based on the data received from the stress ECG, XRCISE CARE determines individual stress zones for each cardiac patient. With just one click, you can determine whether a low, medium or high intensity workout should be selected. XRCISE CARE automatically determines the corresponding heart rate and load.

Of course, you can customize all stress zones. Add several intensity levels into one workout block - for a simple yet effective "High Intensity Interval Training". You can also perform tests on the ergometer or treadmill and evaluate them in a simple and seamless manner: XRCISE CARE uses, for example, results of a steep-ramp test, and automatically suggests an individualized interval training session.

Interdisciplinary work through seamless data exchange

XRCISE CARE ensures the best possible coordination between physicians and therapists: It analyzes all training-relevant data in detail - from individual units to the course analysis of a complete training therapy plan.

Well connected without a cable - even outside of your exercise space

The data is transmitted wirelessly via Bluetooth® wireless technology. This allows your patients to move freely around the workout area, without the hassle of cables. The ECG is determined by a multifunctional sensor - either with an elastic chest strap or with fast-fix electrodes. The sensor provides a clear ECG over a period of 14 hours.


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