Targeted solutions for your facility

The targeted, individual and sustainable solution for your facility is the be-all and end-all for your success and that of your members.

For this, you create a plan with your ERGOFIT consultant based on the size of the room, your specialisation and your objectives. Together we will put your ideas into practice. Plan your medical training area together with ERGOFIT now.

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At ERGOFIT, the focus is on sustainable, holistic and individual advice. This includes a wide variety of points and factors relating to your furnishings.

Get a first impression with the CHANCE ANALYSIS.

Write to us and you will receive the analysis and a subsequent consultation appointment.


Once you have decided on an ERGOFIT partnership, the next step is to plan your medical training equipment. The planning of your medical training equipment. We support you in this together with our experienced architects. They are specialised in planning fitness and health facilities. They know, for example, the walking routes on the training area and how long customers spend in the respective areas. Together with you and your ERGO-FIT consultant, they create a layout plan of the equipment and a three-dimensional visualisation. This not only gives you a more precise impression of your future offer - you can also inform your patients about your plans at an early stage.

Our planning extends to a complete electrical plan: Your tradesmen will thus know exactly where which connections need to be provided.

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Your consultants

The ERGOFIT consultants accompany you right from the start. From the first consultation appointment, to the planning of your training area, to the instruction after delivery.

Mark Brinkmann

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Eric Jünemann


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