Power Line 4000

Strong muscles guarantee a healthy support of the body

Individual workouts and less effort for trainers and therapists

The POWERLINE 4000 machines enable users to build up all relevant muscle groups, while meeting the high demands of coaches and physiotherapists for safe, health-conscious workouts. POWERLINE 4000 products are also available as medical products: with a finer weight reduction in 2.5 kilogram increments, as well as a movement limiter that protects users from overexertion during the workout.

The compact dimensions of the equipment will help minimize your space requirements. Its intuitive operation will be appreciated not only by your customers and patients, but also by you - because it will make focused training possible without a multitude of questions. For the same reason, we have also made sure that the machines meet the requirements for individual training, yet still have as few adjustment options as possible.

Optionally, all POWER LINE machines are also equipped with the chip card controlled training and documentation software VITALITY SYSTEM - either with color LCD display or touch screen monitor.

All machines of the POWER LINE 4000 meet the guidelines for the use in the professional area.

The following versions are available:

  • 4000 - with monochrome graphic display
  • 4100 - with Panel-PC
  • S - compatible with Vitality System 6
  • MED - complies with the medical devices directive 93/42/EEC

It is not just your customers that we strive to give the greatest possible individuality to - we would like to do the same for you! Therefore, we are happy to offer you different frame and panel options to customize our machines, as well as a wide selection of padding colors. This is how we make sure that your new machines fit the overall appearance of your exercise space.


Product catalog

Complete catalog of all products
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