Butterfly Reverse

When working out on the BUTTERFLY REVERSE 4000, the arms should be spread out at shoulder height. This stabilizes the muscles of the neck and thoracic spine. Regular exercising prevents problems associated with poor posture, as well as stress-related back pain.

Always in the optimal exercise position: thanks to extra-large handles.

Technical Specifications

Muscles worked M. trapecius, M. rhomboideus, M. deltoideus
Dimensions (L /W/H cm) 135 /155/155
Weight approx. 190 - 197 kg
Power connection 220 - 240 V (only for devices with the suffix S)
Max user weight 200 kg
Max. weight load 60 kg/62.5 kg (only for devices with the suffix MED)
Weight increments 5 kg/2.5 kg (only for devices with the suffix MED)
Settings seat height

Device is available in the following variants:


  • 4000
  • 4000 MED
  • 4100 S
  • 4100 S MED

  • S - suitable for training control with Vitality System 6
  • MED - corresponds to Medical Device Directive 93/42 / EEC


  • Frame color silber-grey, white or signal black
  • Cover silber-grey or papyrus white
  • various freely selectable upholstery colors


Product catalog

Complete catalog of all products
(PDF, 8MB)

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