CABLE 4000 is a cable that allows for a wide range of exercises for the upper and lower body. Directions can be changed.

Enjoy the flexibility: The CABLE 4000 is available either as a wall or stand model.

Technical Specifications

Muscles worked different muscles, depending on exercise
Dimensions (L /W/H cm) 86/41/225 wall-mounted
Weight approx. 123 - 126 kg
Power connection 220 - 240 V (only for devices with the suffix S)
Max user weight 200 kg
Max. weight load 75 kg
Weight increments 5 kg

Device is available in the following variants:


  • 4000 MED
  • 4100 S MED
  • FREE 4000 MED
  • FREE 4100 S MED

  • S - suitable for training control with Vitality System 6
  • MED - corresponds to Medical Device Directive 93/42 / EEC
  • FREE - detached


  • Frame color silber-grey, white or signal black
  • Cover silber-grey or papyrus white


Product catalog

Complete catalog of all products
(PDF, 8MB)

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