Back training according to scientific diagnosis

Your offer to fight the "People's Illness Number One"

The torso muscles are most important for health and wellbeing: It supports us, enables an upright, healthy posture and rings relief to the spine. Along with the TORSO CHECK and the TORSO LINE, we have developed a program for scientific diagnosis, efficient prevention, targeted treatment of back problems and strengthening the torso muscles. How you benefit: You can accept it as a complete package included in your offer without much effort on your part.

Based on the detailed analysis of the TORSO CHECK, the training concept developed in cooperation with Professor Schmidtbleicher comprises eight TORSO LINE exercise benches. They do not require much space: On just 30 m², you can create your own exercise area for the back muscles and establish yourself as a competent partner for your customers in the fight against the people's illness number one.

With TORSO CHECK you can check all relevant torso muscles in reference to the major spine movements:

  • Flexion and stretching
  • Lateral tilt
  • Rotation

Maximum strength results and comparison of both sides reveal deviations and imbalances. Thanks to this valuable information, you can adapt the exercise routine using the TORSO LINE based on the individual requirements of your customers.

Unlock your expert potential, strengthen customer loyalty

  • Use the test system and the training circle as targeted tools to attract customers.
  • Use TORSO CHECK and exercise recommendations developed with its help to position yourself as an expert for back problems.
  • Strengthen customer loyalty and gain more revenue by offering regular checks and clear graphical analyses.
  • Minimize your maintenance costs with easily adjustable and user-friendly machines.

"Back problems have become a widespread disease. TORSO CHECK and TORSO LINE let you perform targeted pain treatment. They may even prevent surgeries."

Prof. Dr. Dr. hc. Dietmar Schmidtbleicher

Chair of Movement and Training Sciences Institute for Sports Science, University of Frankfurt


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