Many patients complain of back pain - the TORSO CHECK not only gives you a reliable diagnosis, but also places the subsequent treatment on a solid foundation that is objectively comprehensible for patients.

With TORSO CHECK, you can analyze all relevant torso muscles in reference to the major spine movements: flexion and extension, lateral tilt and rotation. This way you will gain valuable information on muscular deficits and imbalances, which will enable you to come up with an individual training plan.

Technical Specifications

Muscles worked
Dimensions (L /W/H cm) 137/94/128
Weight approx. 136 kg
Power connection 230 V (only for devices with the suffix S)
Adjustments can be individually adjusted to every body height

Device is available in the following variants:


  • MED

  • MED - entspricht der Medizinrichtlinie 93/42/EWG


  • Frame color silber-grey or papyrus white
  • various freely selectable upholstery colors


Product catalog

Complete catalog of all products
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Owner's manual
Torso Line

Last update: September 2016
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