Your tool for efficient and individual training setup

Modern workout that will let you stand out from competitors

With our VITALITY SYSTEM training and documentation software, you will be able to take advantage of the state-of-the-art possibilities for monitoring and recording your workout results. As a result, you will be able to offer your customers individualized, health-oriented exercise plans of the best possible quality - all the while minimizing organization and maintenance costs.

Convincing for you: an individualized offer without organizational overhead

In order to be able to compete with low-cost providers, small sport studios, health centers and physiotherapists must have a decisive leverage: You should be able to convince them with quality, individualized offers and personal support. Our VITALITY SYSTEM software enables you to do just that - by organizing and supporting what you do.

Manage customer data, create tailor-made exercise plans with just a few mouse clicks, and access handy templates. If necessary, supplement your workout system with customized, free-of-charge exercises - and use statistical evaluations and visual preparation means to assist customers in their exercise progress.

Convincing for your customers: health-oriented workouts, as individualized as possible

The smart chip card control system of the VITALITY SYSTEM helps your customers with health-oriented workouts. The combination of cardio and strength workout machines with an innovative workout system makes it possible to tailor the exercises to the individual needs of every person. Clear documentation and evaluation of the results make it possible to track the workout progress - a definite advantage in terms of individualized support, but also in terms of personal motivation.


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