More of an individualized approach for your customers, more efficiency for you

With VITALITY SYSTEM, you can offer your customers state-of-the-art health-oriented workouts with chip card control. Effective, individualized, comes with customized support - all the while without organizational overhead. A solution that pays off for everyone.

Your advantages:

  • health-oriented, individually supervised workouts
  • less organizational efforts, more time to be able to help your customers directly
  • personal guidance for your members in all workout phases
  • detailed documentation on workout evaluation and progress
  • effective customer loyalty endeavors
  • effective customer loyalty

Advantages for your members

  • intuitive operation, easy to understand for beginners and older customers
  • always correct equipment settings
  • avoid incorrect form when exercising
  • best orientation through visual representation of the personal workout process
  • individualized support
  • motivation through transparent progress reports
  • shorter and more effective exercise units