Digital coach for individualized workout success

What does VITALITY SYSTEM do? And how can the software support of workouts of your customers make your work easier? Learn more about ten ways you can use the system in your everyday life.

1. One for all

Membership card and training partner in one

The VITALITY SYSTEM supports all common software systems for managing members. It is the personal consultant, motivator and incorruptible workout partner of your customers - all in one.

2. Ready to go

Lay the foundation for effective workouts

VITALITY SYSTEM ensures that your customers do not have to wait long to start exercising - and it also provides you with certainty: A detailed history and important customer details provide you with valuable information to ensure an optimized exercise routine. All this with just a few clicks.

3. Create workout plans

Quickly, easily and on a solid basis

At the beginning of every workout, there is a detailed health check that captures the basic physiological details of your customer. VITALITY SYSTEM accompanies you, your trainers or therapists in setting up individual training plans.

4. Easy Check-in

Personal coach is always ready to use

Every customer receives their personal Vitality Card: At the beginning of the workout, they use this card to log in and then they can view their current training plan on the screen. Images make it easier to navigate.

5. Configuring the machine

Defined by you, retrieved by your customer

Before the first workout, you determine the individual machine settings - for example, seat height, intensity level, speed, pause length or number of repetitions. These are then stored on the Vitality Card and retrieved by the customer during the next workout session.

6. Effective Cardio Training

Always within the optimum exercise range

The Vitality Card saves all important workout data for an efficient health-oriented workout: For example, after inserting the card into the cockpit, the user will be automatically placed within the correct heart rate range.

7. Safe strength training

Avoid errors, work out effectively

The VITALITY SYSTEM ensures that your customers work out in an effective and health-oriented manner: It detects false weight distribution for each exercise and movement phase, monitors to ensure correct movement and speed, and provides pauses.

8. Promote motivation

Diligent workouts are rewarded

Every completed exercise - in cardio, strength and course, as well as in free-style exercises - transforms the VITALITY SYSTEM into a scoring system. This way, your workout success is vividly illustrated, and self-motivation among users is encouraged.

9. Objective documentation

Reaching milestones and setting new goals

Objective and incorruptible, the VITALITY SYSTEM evaluates the results of the workout cycle that was just completed. Users then receive immediate feedback on their progress and the new workout goals.

10. Satisfied members

Your health is in good hands

The VITALITY SYSTEM makes it possible to have healthy workouts with tangible success - not only for your customers, but also for you! Because systematic workout with easy-to-understand results can be fun. This motivates in the long run and guarantees loyalty of your members.