100% Made in GERMANY

We have been producing exclusively in Germany for over 70 years.

This allows us to offer everything from medical fitness equipment to software and conceptual design from a single source.



Quality is our highest claim.

For us, it means manufacturing all our products with the highest precision.

In order to offer you the best quality, each product undergoes a thorough and certified inspection before delivery.

This is how we ensure that every piece of equipment on your training floor stands for quality.


We are not only the first climate-positive company with sustainable production as an equipment manufacturer in the fitness and health market. We are more.

Because both our customer care and the final training on the ERGOFIT equipment are sustainable.

So that together we are one step ahead.

Scientifically sound


As a medical device manufacturer, science is the basis for us in the development and manufacture of new products.


Because that is why we can respond to changing needs in a sustainable way.



The duty of each individual is to make the world around them a little bit better.

Our mission is to improve the health of our changing society with movement and training.





Ergonomics not only at the workplace.


To ensure sustainable training, we create the optimal symbiosis between man and machine by integrating ergonomics into our equipment.



Innovation & Progress

With the "Fast Forward" symbol, we stand for new innovations and progress in the fitness and health market.

Only in this way can we respond to the needs of our customers and exercisers in a sustainable way.For over 70 years, we have been producing exclusively in Germany.

This allows us to offer everything from medical fitness equipment to software and conceptual design from a single source.


Each one of us is - individual. Our training should also be like that.

The ERGOFIT products allow for a needs-oriented training and, together with the training planning, can respond individually to the members.

Just like the training with your members, you can individualise your facility with the ERGOFIT equipment. Design your equipment with completely individual colours.

ERGOFIT stands for these values.

We support you holistically, from planning to implementation. Our mix of experience and innovation is unique and ensures that we can provide you with sustainable support.

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Regionally manufactured "Made in Germany" products with the highest precision and quality.

Certified and tested medical devices as a fundamental prerequisite for billing via health insurance companies.

As a climate-neutral company, we support sustainability projects in Germany as well as in emerging and developing countries to offset emissions from our annual Co2 emissions.

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