ivo Trainer

Mobile resistance system for performance sports and therapy

Flexible workouts with a 360°-belt system

ivo TRAINER is a new type of resistance system that comes from the performance sports area, but can be configured for low intensity levels due to its infinitely variable resistance. This allows you to use it flexibly: for therapy and prevention, as well as for working in speed sports to increase speed and improve agility.

What distinguishes ivo TRAINER from many competitors is its 360° belt system. This feature allows not only for linear exercises, but also for rotational movements. ivo TRAINER is purely mechanical in terms of operation. It therefore requires no power supply and can be used anywhere - in treatment rooms or exercise areas.


Modular training concept

Upgrade the ivo TRAINER basic package to add more modules that you need for your workout offer.

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The most important information

Find out what ivo TRAINER is and how you can use it for your work.

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Suitable therapy for treatment and prevention

Maximum freedom of movement and freely scalable resistors make the ivo TRAINER the ideal exercise machine.

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Effective athletics training

For ball sports and athletics alike: Agility and speed are decisive for success.

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Up to two seconds faster through the ice

"In bobsledding, it is often a matter of seconds. If it is possible to be two seconds faster through targeted training, this is truly a quantum leap forward. A result that we can achieve thanks to the ivo TRAINER."

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Patrick Geiger
Pilot in the Geiger Bob Team

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ivo Trainer

Further information on the possible applications
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