Athletic training as an integral part of the training program

Train teams in an effective and targeted manner

Train teams in an effective and targeted manner

In many sports, targeted athletic training only takes place over the period of a few months. Different in American Football: Here, coaches have the task of integrating appropriate exercises and methods into their training plan throughout the year - simultaneously with the necessary tactical training. Working with the ivo TRAINER gives you the ideal opportunity to combine both aspects of the training in a sensible manner.

Resistance training in game-like drills

With the ivo Trainer, sprint and high-speed training can be integrated into game-specific drills without affecting the natural movement of the receiver or tackle. If, in the past, push sled running or parachute sprinting exercises were done separately, now resistance running can also be used in game-like situations.

No matter whether you are studying the pass routes or the first quick steps and changing the direction of the tight ends - the time required for both training forms is now optimized and the training design is expanded. In addition, quarterbacks can also significantly improve their speed and much more importantly, their legwork.

Specific athletic training for quarterbacks

The first explosive steps in the pocket are extremely important and determine whether it is going to be a successful pass or even an interception: The faster the quarterback can initiate the backward movement and at the same time read his options, the more successful the offensive will be in the last quarter.

The previous training with traction ropes held by coaches is fundamentally effective, but the pulling resistance is limited by the material and human abilities: At some point, it is no longer possible to increase the intensity due to strength capabilities of the person holding the ropes. The result: The athlete stagnates almost always at the same level. ivo TRAINER allows for increased pulling strength - and thus also successive improvement in performance.

Train coordination and drive your junior team forward

In addition to these individual training possibilities and line drills, the ivo TRAINER can also positively influence general coordination and jump training. Due to the freedom of movement of the belt system, even cuts and jumps over hurdles can be done without restricting the athlete in their natural movement.

Thanks to its infinitely adjustable resistance, it is also possible to improve on junior team training in their efforts to become part of the top-league teams.