New training stimuli for familiar exercises

A fast game where stability is the key to success

Handball is considered one of the fastest team sports in the world. This means that players are required to perform both short and high-explosive movements in the defense, as well as long sprints over the entire court. In addition, there is always a certain degree of physical stress caused by intense duels. What it means for training: In addition to pure force and coordination training, stabilization training is a factor, which decides on the success and failure of the team during a season. Working with the ivo TRAINER allows you to maintain rehearsed exercises and, at the same time, add new training stimuli using the pulling resistance system.

Improve your body movements and jumping stability

Allows jumps over obstacles, such as small boxes and hurdles, as well as sprints with resistance, and thus helps improve inter- and intramuscular coordination. The 360° circular belt also allows for unlimited mobility for exercises involving rotating around own axis, as well as for jumping exercises. Furthermore, partial movements with a ball can be performed in a sports-specific manner.

Continuous pulling resistance for use in the junior training field

Thanks to the possibility of continuous adjustment of resistance, as well as the ease of its use, you can also utilize the ivo TRAINER in the junior field. This will help you successively lead your players to making it to the top team. Thanks to the compact design of the ivo TRAINER, you will also remain flexible and able to offer athletic training at any location, even outdoors.