Athletic training for all team members

The game is changing - and so do the demands in regards to training

Optimization of time and effectiveness

Like other sports, soccer also continues to develop rapidly: In order to achieve a certain level of performance, it is absolutely necessary to occupy all positions in the team with excellent athletes. This change is particularly obvious among players of the defensive: Just a few years ago, uncompromising destroyer qualities were in high demand here - since then, defenders started playing a central role in the opening of the offensive game. With the ivo TRAINER, you will build a foundation on internalized exercises. They provide new impulses in athletic training, without having to integrate fundamentally new sequences of movements into their units.

New stimuli in athletics training

In today's world, athletics and overview are the basic pillars of every footballer. Coordination training as well as sprint runs and strength training are therefore indispensable for every member of the team - regardless of their position. Through the ivo trainer internalized exercises, such as walking through the coordinating ladder with the addition of a ball, can be continued on every second ground contact without having to implement fundamentally new sequences of movements. Due to the free mobility around the own axis, dribblings and short sprints can be executed, without the player in his freedom of movement. Even jumps to the headball are not a hindrance. With the help of the continuous adjustment of the intensity, the system can also be trained in the youth field.

Maximum freedom of movement with flexible intensity levels

With the freedom to move around your own axis, dribblings and short sprints can be performed without hindering the player's freedom of movement. Even jumping to reach the ball with your head is not a hindrance. Gradual adjustment of intensity allows you to use the ivo TRAINER also in junior leagues.

New approaches to goalkeeper training

Training with a pulling resistance system helps to improve the bounce power of players. Goalkeeper training also benefits from this feature: Use ivo TRAINER for short sprints to save from corner balls, as well as for side jump training. With just a few hand movements, you can adjust the height of the ivo TRAINER depending on your goals and location. Thus, the player is completely free to move on a course of 25 meters long and can complete a sports-specific athletic training task.