Track and Field

A new dimension in athletic and coordination training

Modern way to achieve the most ambitious training goals

Resistance training is not new for the track and field area: To date, parachute umbrellas and rubber bands have been used to improve both inter- and intramuscular coordination and to promote interaction of agonists and antagonists involved in the movement. Working with the ivo TRAINER follows a similar pattern, but allows for a much more precise work and multi-dimensional, up-to-date training.

New stimuli in coordination training

There are specific exercises in each sport that are established by coaches and trainers in order to improve coordination. In track and field, this is usually a sprint ladder in combination with various sprint exercises. With the ivo TRAINER, you can use these exercises as the foundation and supplement them with pulling resistance exercises. This is how you scale the intensity of exercises and set new training stimuli without having to integrate additional units into your training plan.