Guided by the highest standards

We are not philosophers.

We are practically minded, clever craftsmen, technicians, scientists and economists working together for a common goal.

Highest quality thanks to local production

We always strive to set new standards. This objective requires high standards in terms of production, which is characteristic for us, but also in terms of quality of each individual component. Therefore, our cardio and strength training equipment are completely manufactured in Germany. This also applies to the required individual components that we manufacture to the extent that it is possible at our headquarters in Pirmasens. The result is a vertical level of manufacturing that is not easy to find elsewhere.

Built for you, supplied by us

Our products are designed to meet your specific requirements. This is why we manufacture all the machines only at the time we receive the order and according to your wishes. We use our own fleet of vehicles to deliver all the cardio and strength training machines to you fully assembled and install them so that they are ready for you to use right away.

Even after delivery is complete. we are here for you

Thanks to our sales representatives and in-house service team, we can always guarantee competent support even after you already purchased our equipment. Should you need servicing or repair, you can take advantage of getting in touch with specific contact persons assigned to you - and we will find out what your wishes and requirements are for future developments.

Sharing know-how and our passion for what we do

One of the characteristic features of our production is that we train young people in commercial and technical professions. This is not only an expression of social responsibility, but also a consistent investment in quality assurance: This is how we pass on our high manufacturing standards to our future employees.