Remote maintenance

If you have problems with your training software, please contact the hotline at +49 (6331) 2461-46. If one of the employees prompts you to start the remote maintenance, press the appropriate button.


Remote maintenance is carried out using the Teamviewer program and requires an active Internet connection. Before activating remote maintenance, terminate all programs that you do not want to make the hotline employee visible. If you now agree that an employee of ERGO-FIT establishes a remote maintenance connection to your PC, press the appropriate button.

In the new window, select "Activate remote maintenance" and "Run" to start remote maintenance. It is not necessary to install the program on your PC. After starting the program, you will receive a PartnerID and a session password, which will be generated again at each session. Only when you pass these two data to our hotline staff will the remote maintenance connection be established.

You can interrupt remote maintenance at any time by closing the program.