Cardiowise becomes ERGOFIT's high-quality "X MED" medical product line

"Fast Forward", our new logo, is not only a symbol for fast speed, but it also indicates a direction: Namely forward, forward-looking, with a view to the (digital) future. Therapy is also always forward-looking, which is why ERGOFIT's new brand logo fits well with the work of our customers: To improve the health and performance of patients and thus make them fit again for a better future. For this purpose, we offer our customers the optimal equipment with certified high-premium devices, which should be the new standard for therapeutic facilities," said Michael Resch with clear conviction in the short interview.

Training the cardiovascular system of cardiological patients means promoting through challenging without overtaxing. This can only be achieved by seamless monitoring of cardiovascular parameters during cardiological rehabilitation training, and ERGOFIT offers a perfect product for this with the new X MED line: training in a controlled environment for sustainable success with great safety. And with a firm eye on the future, ERGOFIT has also taken into account the changes in cardiological training therapy and is now the first manufacturer to offer strength training for cardiological rehabilitation. Because the latest scientific studies have shown positive training effects for heart patients in combination with strength training. And the new Vector X MED strength training equipment proves that certified medical products can also look good. Climate-neutral manufactured in Germany.

The future at ERGOFIT means: nothing is more constant than change. And just as therapy and science change, so do ERGOFIT products. Be curious about new devices with novel features and our new Vitality Care software. And this future does not start at the end of the year at the medica in Düsseldorf, but use your visit to ERGOFIT at their in-house event to take a first look at new innovation.

ERGOFIT cordially invites you to their in-house events in 1:1 care with Corona measures on 07/08 May or alternatively on 11/12 June in Pirmasens.


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