Functional Room

Greatest possibilities in the smallest space

The Functional Room is a flexible micro studio concept for holistic and functional training. Because functional training takes care. The focus is on improving the quality of movement by strengthening the core to prevent injuries. Create more quality of life.

Functional Studio KIT

  • Individual or group training
  • Prevention courses
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Exercise catalogue included
  • Made in GERMANY


More possibilities - your Functional Studio Kit offers you a multitude of variations! From free to small group training with up to 6 people, you create the greatest possibilities in the smallest space.

With the help of the exercise catalogue, you can respond to the respective needs of your patients and provide them with individual and targeted support. From rehabilitation to prevention  to competitive sports, you can train optimally and purposefully with your patients with your Functional Studio Kit. Thanks to the high-quality and quality-tested material, your Functional Studio Kit is non-slip on conventional floors and ensures safe training for your patients. The easy roll-out of the system ensures effective and time-saving workouts and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Offer your patients the possibility to train sustainably and under optimal supervision even after therapy.

Mobility Kit (Dehngerät)

  • Space requirement under 5m²
  • Can be used as complete unit or individual stations
  • Individual or group training possible
  • Prevention courses
  • Exercise catalogue included
  • Made from sustainable materials
  • Made in GERMANY


With a space requirement of less than 5m², your Mobility Kit is the perfect addition to your premises. The 6 modules with more than 20 exercises offer optimal possibilities for needs-oriented training. Thanks to the easy-to-change elements and the low entry hurdle, you can ideally respond to the needs of your patients. Not only 1 to 1 supervision, but also small group training with up to 8 participants is possible. From trigger to stretching to training modules, your Mobility Kit offers all possibilities for a holistic training. Thanks to the castors, the Mobility Kit is easy to move. Together with the divisible modules, it allows you to train wherever you are. The Mobility Kit is made in Germany from selected and sustainable materials. Create a balance to the sedentary everyday life for your patients and train with them for a long-lasting quality of life.


  • High-quality materials that enrich your training
  • Unique wood feel: pleasant grip & well-being
  • Weight: 1,6 kg
  • Incl. RotoriX board for a variety of exercises


The new philosophy of coordination - Rotorix

Rotation training is a new training method with a unique form of movement. The RotoriX is set into rotation with appropriate muscle power and provides a completely new training experience for your members. The challenging movement primarily promotes coordination and ensures efficient interaction between the sensory organs, central nervous system and skeletal muscles. This philosophy of coordination creates an effective and varied whole-body workout for your clients in the course area.

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