CROSS 4000

Similar to jogging, elliptical trainers provide an efficient workout for the cardiovascular system. However, due to the soft elliptical pedal movements, stresses on the joints are significantly reduced. The suspension of the impacts after the flight phase is eliminated with the elliptical trainer as the feet remain in contact with the training device throughout the movement.

The CROSS 4000 is characterized by a rather steep and short ellipse.

Display parametersWatt, Pulse, Time, Dist., RPM, kcal
training programsManual, Manual Countdown, PROFILES, on 4000 C / C MED, CVT MED additional games, entertainment 
Controlindependent of speed
Standards and directivesWe will be pleased to inform you about all applied standards and directives on request.
Unit dimensions (L/W/H cm)190/66/170
Weightca. 102 kg
Speed range15 – 200 steps /min
Power range15 – 200 load steps
Gradation / stepssteps in increments of 5
Max. Weight load200 kg
Special featuresSafety stop system,Training in forward and backward movements possible



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