This innovative elliptical trainer allows cardiovascular training in a semi-recumbent position that is particularly easy on the joints and vertebrae: this relieves the strain on the intervertebral discs in the area of the lumbar spine by up to 61 %. In addition, training successes can be achieved even at a relatively low load intensity and heart rate.

Your target groups: obese people and exercisers with knee and hip problems.

Display parameters

Watt, Pulse, Time, Dist., 1/ Min, kcal, additional points (at 4000 S, S MED)

Test programs - 
training programsManual, Manual Countdown, Profiles // 4000 S / S SP / S MED RS: additional Cardio4100 / S / MED RS: additional Games, Entertainment // 4100 S / S MED RS: additional Cardio
Controlspeed-independent + speed-dependent
Standards and directivesWe will be happy to provide you with all applied standards and guidelines on request.
Unit dimensions (L/W/H cm)200/100,5/166
Weightca. 131 kg
Speed range15 – 120 ssteps /min
Power range25 – 400 W (for Cardio / System), 1 - 29 load levels (for Manual)
Gradation / steps - 


Max. Weight load150 kg
Special featuresTraining in forward and backward movements possible



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