STAIR 4000 / 4100 STEPPER

The Stair from ERGOFIT®is a popular classic among cardio machines. It provides a low-impact and intensive workout for people of all ages, helping to sustainably improve cardiovascular fitness. Regular training not only promotes the cardiovascular system, but also shapes the muscles of the thighs, calves, and buttocks.

The features of the Stair from ERGOFIT®:

• Large and continuous safety handles for a stable position and secure hold

Display parametersWatt, Pulse, Time, Dist., RPM, kcal
training programsManual, Manual Countdown, PROFILES, on 4000 C / C MED, CVT MED additional games, entertainment 
Standards and directivesWe will be happy to provide you with all applied standards and guidelines on request.
Unit dimensions (L/W/H cm)110 /77/181
Weightca. 93 kg
Speed range15 – 155 stairs /min
Power range15 – 155 Load levels
Gradation / stepsin steps of 5
Max. Weight load200 kg


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