Get fit in an immersive fitness game setting.


Cognitive Training with the ExerCube

The ExerCube is an immersive fitness game setting which combines innovative soft- and hardware designs with state-of-the-art training concepts.Training with the ExerCube improves cognitive, mental and physical abilities of people of different age groups and fitness levels. 

Sphery’s fitness game solution is aimed for but not limited to the use in gyms.

When working out with the ExerCube, the player is surrounded by three walls, which serve as projection screens and a haptic interface for energetic bodily interactions.

• Improvement of the cognitive, mental and physical abilities

• Evidence based training programs thanks to an international research network

• Real time adjustments of training intensity for a unique FLOW experience

• Automated training programs for autonomous use

• QR-Login and RFID-Connection for a straightfoward integration 

• App to track your progress and unlockable achievements



Thanks to an adaptable physical and cognitive difficulty, players of every age group, fitness level, gender and with or without restrictions can experience the unique training environment.

Dein ERGOFIT-Trainingspartner

Keyfacts about the ExerCube

• Inclusive motoric-cognitive training concepts for prevention and rehabilitation

• Interdisciplinary team with more than 10 years of experience in the development and research of motion based gaming

• Functional full body training combined with the training of executive functions 

• Scalable intensity for the application in different age groups and fitness levels 

• Fast results thanks to evidence based training programs (mental, cognitive and physical) 

• Reach your personal limit or a set heartrate (HR adaptive)

• Highly immersive, competitive and cooperative training experience (1 or 2 Persons)

• Unique Mission-Pass for an efficient customer acquisition (8 Weeks)

• Patent pending

SizeV1 = L : 230 cm* B : 312 cm* H : 280 cm* V2 = L : 230 cm* B : 312 cm* H : 250 cm*
Weight 300 kg* 
InternetWLAN or LAN possible
Volumeje nach Wunsch regulierbar
Power supply2 separate 230V power inputs
Energy demand1000 Watt
MaterialsSustainable materials (metal, wood)
Outer walls (advertising space)**3x = 2145*2122
RoomAvoidance of direct daylight
Technology3 Beamer, Gaming PC, Motion-Tracking System
Accesoriesfurniture, HR belt, tracking bracelets
MarketingSet consisting of a Banner and Social Media Formats
User weightMax. 150 kg
User heightup to 205 cm
ConnectionERP RFID and QR


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