With a footprint of less than 5m², your Mobility Kit is the perfect addition to your space. The six modules with more than 20 exercises offer optimal possibilities for needs-oriented training. Thanks to the easy-to-change elements and the low entry hurdle, you can ideally respond to the needs of your patients. Not only 1 to 1 supervision, but also small group training with up to 8 participants is possible. From trigger to stretching to training modules, your Mobility Kit offers all possibilities for a holistic training. Thanks to the castors, the Mobility Kit is easy to move. Together with the divisible modules, it allows you to train wherever you are. The Mobility Kit is made in Germany from selected and sustainable materials. Create a balance to the sedentary everyday life for your patients and train with them for a long-lasting quality of life.

Technical data:

  • Space requirement under 5m²
  • Can be used as a complete unit or as individual stations
  • Individual or group training
  • Prevention courses according to §20
  • Exercise catalogue included
  • Made in GERMANY


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