Invented by leading sportsengineers and professional athletes in cooperation with German Universities.
Winner of the 2022 FIBO Innovation and Trend Award.


The efficiency of motion

An invincible combination of strength and cardio training

  • More than 85% of all muscles involved in a single stroke
  • A simple full body workout to boost your health
  • Most effective excercise mashine for both strength and cardio


FIBO Innovation and Trend Award

Honor for ingenuity in fitness and health industry

  • international comittee of judges
  • awards in six categories:
    Ecology and Sustainability, Health and Prevention, Lifestyle, Life-Balance and Wellness, Nutrition, Start-Up, Performance
  • platform for future innovations of the whole industry



Immersive rowing sensation due to our innovative fluidmotion technology

The new fluidmotion-braking technology creates a sensation of rowing in the water. Thanks to the patented fluidmotion technology, the braking power changes depending on the actual tractive force applied (no permanent resistance). No electrical power is required for operation, as it preferably runs purely mechanically. The brake runs almost in total silence at less than 50 dB - an exhilarating flow experience.


This is Silent ROW




Flow of silence


  • immersive rowing sensation due to innovative fluidmotion-braking technology
  • patent pending
  • perfect silence with fluid motion
  • high quality and complete design
  • comfortable and individual adaptable seating
  • intuitive operation and digitally visualized

wooden handle

steady standing

indirect contour lighting

striking design



WHY Silent ROW?

rowing seat from Olympic yard


intuitive usability

nearly silent

sustainable materials

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