The Circle by ERGOFIT®provides training of the whole upper body in combination with the targeted strengthening of the cardiovascular system. It is possible to perform the exercise in forward and backward movement. This prevents one-sided load on the musculature. The practical solutions of the extraordinary cardio device are also the result of our cooperation with the Manfred Sauer Foundation. The Foundation's experiences and suggestions, which support people with disabilities, have provided valuable impulses for optimising the Circle. In addition to the fold-away seat, the ball handles of the upper body ergometer also originate from this cooperation. They were developed at the initiative of professional handbike athletes.

The features of the Circle by ERGOFIT®:

• Training possible in a sitting or standing position, on a stability ball or in a wheelchair

• Simple change in training positions by a fold-away seat

• Ball handles for securing a comfortable grip position

Display parametersWatt, Pulse, Time, Dist., RPM, kcal
training programsManual, Manual Countdown, Cardio, PROFILE, on 4000 C / C MED, CVT MED additional games, entertainment
Standards and directivesWe will be happy to provide you with all applied standards and guidelines on request.
Unit dimensions (L/W/H cm)165,5/63,5/152
Weightca. 107 kg
Speed range20 - 120 U/min
Power range15 – 400 W
Gradation / steps5 W

10 % (with 4000 / 4100, 4000 / 4100 S),

5% up to 200 W, from 200 W 10 % (with 4000 / 4100 MED, 4000 / 4100 S MED)

Max. Weight load200 kg
Special featuresTraining in forward and backward movements, sitting and standing, crank arms variable in length, handle position diagonal / parallel adjustable, innovative ball handle, fold-away seat for wheelchair users.


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