CYCLE 407 / 457

We have developed the CYCLE 407 / 457 especially for use in medical therapy. It therefore complies with the Medical Directive 93/42/EEC. The devices allow you precise training control, reliable performance analysis as well as the safe diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases.

Training in the optimal load range: through exact dosage and thus precise control

Relaxed training: low noise development and low maintenance requirements

Display parametersWatt, Pulse, Time, Dist., RPM, kcal
Test programsPWC 130, PWC 150, PWC 170 (only CYCLE 457)
training programsManual, Cardio, Countdown, WHO-Profile/ Additional Profiles, User Profiles, ECG on Cycle 457
Standards and directivesAll applied standards and guidelines will be gladly communicated to you upon request
Unit dimensions (L/W/H cm)120/62/140 cm
Weightca. 49 kg
Speed range20-120 U/min
Power range15-400 W
Gradation / steps5 W
Accuracy5%, DIN VDE 0750-238
Max. Weight load180 kg
Power connection230 V
Special features1-channel, ECG-accurate, with POLAR transmitter (not included in delivery)
Setting optionsHorizontal and vertical saddle adjustment (on CYCLE 457 with gas pressure spring)


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